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Casual Dating Tips & Tricks Useful for ANY Guy Wanting a Casual Relationship With a Beautiful Woman

What’s more awesome than having a casual relationship with a hot chick? Well, nothing! Getting that casual relationship is somewhat complicated. But after you’re finished reading through everything on our website, getting casual sex with attractive women constantly will be a simple task.

That’s what we’re here for. We couldn’t care less how much money you make or how buff you are. If you have looks and a bunch of 0’s before the decimal point in your bank account, good for you. However, our casual dating guide is filled with tips and tricks for ANY guy. You could be broke, fat and bald, or just plain average and you’ll still hookup with some fine ass honeys.

Casual Dating 101: What it is and How to Get it on the Reg

Casual relationships are basically the same thing as a friends with benefits relationship. You meet a girl you like but have no initial interest in establishing a romantic relationship with her but still want to have sex. Most casual relationships involve sex and very little else. But sometimes there is more to it such as a basic friendship or going out on dinner dates from time to time.

It really depends on what you and your partner are looking for. Either way, we have the advice you need to find the perfect casual dating partner for you. So that brings us to our next topic…finding a casual dating partner. Where is the best place to find one? Without question…the Internet, and for these reasons…

  • Can find out information about her before striking up a conversation with her (saves you time and hassle).
  • Less pressure and easier to “approach” a girl from behind a computer than in a public establishment.
  • You always know what they’re looking for. Hard to gauge that from just looking at someone in person.

Some of you may be questioning the legitimacy of online dating or afraid to admit you hooked up with some chick you met online. That’s totally understandable. But here’s the thing…everyone is doing it. It’s not 2000 anymore. Online dating and online hookups are socially acceptable now. Hot chicks use the Internet to get laid, not just the fatties anymore.

As for the legitimacy of online dating, there are many scams out there. Most guys don’t have a clue where to look for women online and end up on scam sites or try out the casual encounters section of Craigslist (don’t do that, it’s the biggest scam out there).

We have some good news for you! If you follow our advice and only use the trusted sites we recommend (from our own personal experience), you won’t have to worry about any scams. If you don’t, unfortunately, we can’t help you find a girl to have a casual relationship with.