Review: Why Sucks should feel lucky we have them ranked #6 on our list of casual dating sites. The only reason they are ranked so “high” is because, somehow, there are actually 14 sites out there that suck even more. But make no mistake, is a HORRIBLE casual dating... Review: Why Sucks

“ is the best casual dating site ever created and has the hottest women online.” That’s an exact quote from an online review we read about That was before we signed up for the site. So, as you probably guessed, we were quite pumped to check this site... Review: Why Sucks

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“ is the biggest scam in online dating.” “ is the best hookup website for 2013.” Those were 2 separate reviews we read about before joining. Interesting. Two polar opposite reviews. Sure, different strokes for different folks. But... Review: Why Sucks

We just can’t help but laugh our dicks off at Or, at least the chicks on that site. Holy fat, nasty bitches, Batman! Walk into a buffet restaurant. Take a look at the women in there. We guarantee they will only be half as large as the skanks on

The Review: Why Was Rated #1

Why was SocialSex rated #1? Because we said so! But seriously, SocialSex truly is the best casual dating site out there. Why? Because the chicks are hotter and easier than ANYWHERE else. You can try out all sorts of casual sex websites and couldn’t possibly find anything better...