Review: Why Sucks

Good old! It seems like everyone knows about this site. It also seems like no one knows what the heck the site is all about. You can join if you’re looking for just about any type of relationship. That sounds appealing, doesn’t it? But there’s a catch…... Review: Why Sucks

If you’re considering joining you need to read this review first. We didn’t build our website to tell you what websites to sign-up for. You are intelligent enough to make your own decisions. But we need to inform you about the truth behind sites such as... Review: Why Sucks

So much to say about So little room to do it. We aren’t going to get into specifics about our experience on because our experience was disturbing but we do need to warn you about some things., as you may know, is an established casual... Review: Why Sucks

“The only part about I liked was the hot chick on the home page.” “It would be difficult to surpass in terms of suckiness.” Those are comments from an online dating review of that we read. And after spending 2 months as... Review: Why Sucks is, without a doubt, one of the worst dating sites ever created. And not just casual dating sites. It’s one of the worst dating sites PERIOD. There are so many things that really suck about that we don’t have enough space to list them all and you wouldn’t... Review: Why Sucks is operated by the cheapest bastards in the online dating world. First off, what reputable business purchases a .me website? Ridiculous. That was our first red flag. We should have known a .me casual dating site was a scam. That website looks like a blog. We... Review: Why Sucks

The casual dating sites with the dumbest domain names just so happen to be the most mediocre ones. Amazing, isn’t it? is more than a website with a cheesy name. It’s also a very mediocre casual dating site. has absolutely ZERO redeeming... Review: Why Sucks

If you want casual relationships then you WON’T want Nobody wants that site. Some guys make the mistake of signing up for it. But they always regret it. There are two types of guys on that site. The first group of dudes are the ones that actually have standards... Review: Why Sucks

Prior to signing up for, we asked 3 current male members of the site for their opinion of All 3 guys have used the website for at least 30 days… Mike: “I’ve never seen so many ugly chicks in my life. The next hot chick I see on here will be the... Review: Why Sucks

We like a woman with confidence. We just don’t like women that are VERY unattractive physically that think they’re the hottest babe on the planet. From our experience with, there were more women that had this full-of-shit mentality than anywhere we’ve ever been...